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The OTT video market in India is gradually becoming a mainstream entertainment destination in the midst of growing Internet users. With the rapid commoditization of data and the ongoing price wars, online video streaming is a more feasible option today than ever before. This has led to the influx of many global, local, and independent platforms in the past year that are hoping to capitalize on this vast growth opportunity in the market. As operators optimize their operations with advertising revenues, they are evolving content strategies and marketing effectively to reach the masses. The focus has shifted from the urban youth to mass market, regional audiences across multilingual backgrounds.

There is a disconnect between the total addressable market of Internet users and the served market, as a majority of the population has access to erratic and slow broadband speeds. The focus on Hindi and English programs has gradually shifted toward regional content, thus catering to a larger audience. Monetization of platforms remains one of the biggest challenges for operators, as they depend on advertising for their revenue. The inclusion of regional content has paved the way for mass-market adoption as opposed to the initial niche offering. Live sports and other marquee titles going online has reiterated the growth opportunity for OTT video, attracting global Internet companies to invest and enter this lucrative market.

Research Scope

This study provides a detailed analysis of the OTT video services market in India, including the market opportunity and growth prospects in terms of advertising as well as paid services in viewership and revenue from 2017 to 2022. It illustrates the ecosystem and provides insights of key market participants and company profiles of new entrants, and analyzes the impact of the ongoing price war in telecom services in bringing about a drastic change in the way video is consumed in India. It also provides an overview of consumption patterns in terms of duration spent, content preferences, languages, live sport coverage, and availability of exclusive programming. The rising trend of curating original content and other content strategies is captured in the study.

Key Issues Addressed

  • What is the state of the OTT Video Market in India? What are the key technology trends in the market?
  • Which are the leading OTT platforms and what is their market share?
  • What is the ARPU across platforms? How much will this grow in the next 5 years?
  • What is forecast for the subscriber base and revenue for the industry?



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Table of Contents

Key Findings

Key Findings (continued)

Market Engineering Measurements

CEO’s Perspective

Market Definitions

Key Questions this Study will Answer

OTT Video Market Landscape

Leading Ecosystem Participants

Rising Video Consumption

Rapid 4G Deployment

The Jio Effect—What has Changed?

Rural India Growing Faster, More Mobile

Market Drivers

Drivers Explained

Drivers Explained (continued)

Market Restraints

Restraints Explained

Restraints Explained (continued)

Forecast Methodology

Forecast Assumptions

Video Viewers Forecast

Video Viewers Forecast Discussion

Video Subscribers Forecast

Video Subscribers Forecast Discussion

Subscription Revenue Forecast

Subscription Revenue Forecast Discussion

Advertising Revenue Forecast

Advertising Revenue Forecast Discussion

Total OTT Video Market Revenue Forecast

Total OTT Video Market Revenue Forecast Discussion

Average Revenue Per User Forecast

Average Revenue Per User Forecast Discussion

Market Shares by Monthly Active Users

Market Shares for Subscription Video on Demand

Competitive Environment

Competitive Factors and Assessment

Pricing and Packages

Features and Technology

Content Library

Growth Opportunity 1—Local/Regional Content

Growth Opportunity 2—Original Production

Growth Opportunity 3—Advanced Analytics

Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth

Market Incumbents—Hotstar

Market Incumbents—Netflix

Market Incumbents—Amazon Prime Video

Who Leads the Race?

Telecom Bundling

OEM and Other Bundling

Funding and Investments

Content Partnerships

Value-add Features

New Market Entrants


ALT Balaji


Dekkho (continued)






Strategy 1—Original Programming

Strategy 2—‘Glocal’ Content: Offering International Side-by-side Regional/Vernacular Content

Strategy 3—Live Sports Content

Strategy 4—Long-form Versus Short–form Content

Strategy 5—Regional Content

Strategy 6—International Operations

Key Technology Trends

Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Immersive Video

Watermarking for Content Protection

Broadcast Audience Research Council of India (BARC) Measurement—EKAM

Multiscreen Viewing—Casting

The Last Word—Predictions

Legal Disclaimer


List of Exhibits

List of Exhibits (continued)

List of Exhibits (continued)

Market Engineering Methodology

Market Engineering Measurements

Additional Sources of Information on OTT Video Market