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Business Strategy and Innovation

The foundations of the automotive industry are being shaken as traditional ideas are being re-evaluated. Mainstream automotive companies are being forced to innovate in order to stay relevant through out-of-the-box thinking and thorough market analysis. New companies and solutions are being born, smaller markets are growing and established markets are restructuring to adapt to new strategies.

Frost & Sullivan's Business Strategy and Innovation Program applies expert and critical intelligence to the following four main areas:

  • Innovative and visionary industry trends and strategies
  • Disruptive technologies and engineering advancements
  • Emerging business models and their development strategies
  • Cross industry convergence and future implications
  1. 31 Mar 2022  |  Latin America

    LATAM Light Vehicle Growth Opportunities, 2021

    Geopolitical Chaos due to the COVID-19 Pandemic Directly Impacted Light Vehicle (LV) Sales

    In 2020, there was a 26.8% drop in total LATAM passenger vehicle sales, equivalent to a reduction of 1.5 million units. The Brazilian market was responsible for the largest drop in units, reaching 710,000 units less than 2019, followed by Mexico’s 368,000 unit drop. The automakers had different strategies for this period, from closing plants to d...

  2. 08 Feb 2022  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

    Indian Electric Two-wheeler Growth Opportunities

    Future Growth Potential Enhanced by Innovative Business Models, Government Incentives, and Investment in Last-mile Logistics

    The research study provides a detailed overview of India’s electric two-wheeler (E2W) industry, covering current and upcoming market trends, relevant government regulations, charging infrastructure, key OEM profiles and their growth strategies, and a snapshot of product sales. It provides industry annual sales projections to 2026 based on forecas...

  3. 02 Feb 2022  |  Asia Pacific

    Southeast Asian On-demand Food Delivery Growth Opportunities

    Competitive Intensity Accelerates GrabFood’s, Foodpanda’s, and GoFood’s Bid at Market Concentration

    This study assesses on-demand food delivery in Southeast Asia, with a focus on the platform-to-consumer segment. The key countries discussed are Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. On-demand food delivery is a door-to-door and online-to-offline service. Service operators integrate the value chains of catering ...

  4. 31 Jan 2022  |  Europe

    Germany Two-wheeler Growth Opportunities

    Transformational Growth of Electric Two-wheelers Will Drive the Expansion of the Aftermarket and the Development of Safety Technologies and Charging Infrastructure

    The study assesses the two-wheeler (2W) market in Germany, comprising both internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles and electric 2Ws (e2Ws). The study's objective is to examine factors transforming the 2W space and how Germany, as a market, is transitioning towards electric solutions. It incorporates an in-depth country analysis, looking at macro ...

  5. 14 Dec 2021  |  Global

    Global Automotive Circular Economy Growth Opportunities

    Automakers Adopt Sustainable Materials, Recycling, Remanufacturing, and Product Life Extension Strategies in Race to Meet National

    Traditional manufacturing centers on the process of generating new resources for production whereas a circular economy model aims to minimize the use of virgin materials in the manufacturing process, making the value chain sustainable. The focus is on reclaiming, reusing, and remanufacturing components and materials from end-of-life (EOL) products....

  6. 13 Dec 2021  |  North America

    Global Automotive Living Labs Growth Opportunities

    OEMs will Partner with Suppliers and Technology Companies to Drive Open Innovation and Run Real-world Experiments on Future Mobili

    A mobility living lab is a test bed and key tool for open innovation in the connected, automated, shared, and electric (CASE) mobility domain. Living labs enable collaboration between regional governmental authorities, research institutions, and OEMs to develop technologies in a real-life environment best suited for specific local mobility landscap...

  7. 12 Nov 2021  |  Europe

    UK Two-wheeler Growth Opportunities

    Future Growth Potential in Government Support of Start-ups and Strategic Creation of Equitable Electric 2W Charging Infrastructure

    This study assesses the overall two-wheeler (2W) market in the United Kingdom, comprising both internal combustion engine (ICE) and electric motorcycles. The objective of this study is to look at factors that are transforming the 2W space and how the UK market is positioning itself to transition toward electric solutions. The study moves from a ...

  8. 29 Sep 2021  |  Global

    Global Automotive Insurance Growth Opportunities

    New Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electric (CASE) Mobility Models Will Lead to Transformational Growth

    This report identifies the new scenarios that are impacting the automotive insurance industry and the evolving and new business models in this space. The study identifies and analyzes the trends and the shifts in the industry, focusing particularly on 4 areas—connected, autonomous, shared, and electric. The automotive insurance industry has wi...

  9. 06 Sep 2021  |  Latin America

    Select Caribbean and Central American Automotive OEM, Dealership, Aftermarket Strategy, Growth Opportunities

    Price Competitiveness and Focus on Aftermarket to Drive Future Growth Potential for Dealers

    This research service analyzes the performance of light vehicle automotive segment and dealership activities based on the prevailing conditions in select Central American and Caribbean markets, such as Puerto Rico, Panama, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and El Salvador. This research service considers how markets have evolved ...

  10. 19 Aug 2021  |  Global

    Theme IV: Key Trends in Circular Economy in Automotive—Voice of Industry Thought Leaders

    Intelligent Mobility Event, Japan, 2021

    Intelligent Mobility Summit, 2021: A Glimpse into the Future of Mobility Frost & Sullivan organized the 13th edition of its flagship Intelligent Mobility Summit 2021 on July 14 and 15, 2021. The focus of the two-day virtual summit was “Intelligent Mobility: Innovating to Zero” with the spotlight on the Asia-Pacific region. This year, the Summ...