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Economic Tracker

Economic volatilities warrant constant visibility of macro and industry related metrics. Economic data allows for sound decision making in the realm of investments, geographic expansion and industry growth. Understanding the changing global economic, social & industrial landscape in developed and emerging countries is important to identify untapped growth opportunities.

Recognizing the need to continuously keep track of global data and developments amidst ongoing volatilities and changing dynamics, Frost & Sullivan introduces the Global Economic Tracker- Insight and Trends (GET-IT) deliverable. Providing clients with a quarterly snapshot of economic and industrial metrics through historical data as well as forecasts until 2020, it also includes an annually updated analysis of key mega-regions. These timely updates enable you to analyzing changing scenarios and modulate growth expectations, aiding in decision making.

The Global Economic Tracker-Insights and Trends (GET-IT) is a quarterly updated database of key economic and industry parameters to provide dynamic insights to track volatility and navigate uncertainties in the global economic environment.

Each GET-IT report presents short term as well as medium term forecasts along with historic data for economic and industry indicators across countries and regions. A short-term forecast is provided for next 8 quarters, estimates are provided for the current year and medium-term forecasts are made for next five years, for select indicators.

  1. 25 Jun 2020  |  North America

    Central American and Caribbean Countries Economic Tracker, H1 2020

    COVID-19 Containment Measures to Weaken Economic Activities

    The outlook for the Central America and Caribbean economies is expected to stay bleak in 2020, registering technical recession in Q2–Q3 of 2020 and a full year recession for 2021. Local and global containment measures, along with the economies’ large dependence on tourism and remittances particularly coming from the United States, have led to a...

  2. 22 Apr 2020  |  Asia Pacific

    Asia-Pacific Economic Tracker—Insights and Trends, H1 2020

    COVID-19 Outbreak to Weigh Severely on Demand

    Economies in Asia-Pacific are likely to experience sluggish growth in 2020 on account of the unexpected ramifications of the COVID-19 outbreak. Regional growth is likely to remain stunted in H1 2020 due to the outbreak, but expected to pick up in H2 2020 as the lockdowns and travel bans are expected to be lifted. Key economies like Australia and ...

  3. 03 Apr 2020  |  Africa

    South Asia Macroeconomic Prospects, Forecast to 2025

    Infrastructure Development and Increasing Foreign Investments to Improve the Regional Economy

    The macroeconomic outlook for South Asia is expected to be relatively strong in 2019 on account of infrastructural development and investments. Nevertheless, the outlook doesn’t look great in terms of even higher growth as a result of a trade war between two economic giants, the United States and China, affecting the region. The growth pattern is...

  4. 30 Jan 2020  |  North America

    Americas Economic Tracker, H1 2020

    Regional Activity Modestly Picking Up; GDP Growth to Remain Moderate

    The Americas are expected to record tepid growth in 2020, higher than that of 2019. Advanced economies such as the US and Canada are likely to witness an economic rebound in 2020. Other smaller economies like Panama and Chile are poised to grow as well. However, Argentina’s growth is likely to remain contracted on account of currency deterioratio...

  5. 17 Jan 2020  |  Europe

    Western Europe Tracker, H1 2020

    Subdued Global Demand and Political Uncertainty Disourage Business Confidence

    The economic outlook for Western Europe is expected to stay muted in 2020. The US-China trade wars, global economic slowdown, and the uncertainty surrounding Brexit have softened external demand, affecting export-based economies such as Germany. While unemployment rates have been low and stable across most of Western Europe, job growth has plateaue...

  6. 16 Dec 2014  |  Asia Pacific

    Global Economic Tracker—Insights and Trends (GET-IT)—Emerging Asia-Pacific Quarter 4 2014

    A Quarterly Pulse of Growth Opportunities

    Strong economic growth supported by resilient domestic demand, growth in exports, accommodative government policies, and improved investor confidence is expected for the Emerging Asia Pacific economies in H1 2015.

  7. 04 Dec 2014  |  Asia Pacific

    Global Economic Tracker—Insights and Trends (GET-IT)—Emerging Asia-Pacific Quarter 3, 2014

    A Quarterly Pulse of Growth Opportunities

    Economic growth in the emerging APAC regions will be resilient through H2 2014 and the beginning of 2015. While favourable financial conditions, improving labour market conditions, and broadly accommodative policies will support domestic demand growth, global economic recovery and a stronger-than-expected recovery of the US economy will help boost ...

  8. 26 Nov 2014  |  Europe

    Global Economic Tracker: Insights and Trends (GET–IT)—Emerging Europe Quarter 3 2014

    A Quarterly Pulse of Growth Opportunities

    Emerging European economies are gradually registering a positive economic growth, stemming from a sensible monetary policy from the European Central Bank. However, the reliance of the Ukrainian and Turkish economies on external financing, as a result of the ongoing critical period in these countries, has remained a major area of concern in 2014.

  9. 25 Nov 2014  |  North America

    Global Economic Tracker - Insights and Trends (GET-IT) North America Quarter 4 2014

    A Quarterly Pulse of Growth Opportunities

    Strong GDP growth supported by resilient domestic demand, prudent fiscal policies, and improved business sentiments is expected for the North American countries in Q1 2015, regardless of the slowdown and uncertainty in the global economy

  10. 25 Nov 2014  |  Asia Pacific

    Global Economic Tracker—Insights and Trends (GET-IT)—Emerging Asia-Pacific Quarter 2 2014

    A Quarterly Pulse of Growth Opportunities

    The growth outlook for the emerging APAC region for H2 2014 remains strong despite weaker growth in Q1 2014. Growth in the region picked up in Q2 2014, primarily driven by stronger export demand from the advanced economies and improved financial conditions that helped strengthen the domestic demand. While relatively low interest rates in the region...