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Economic Tracker

Economic volatilities warrant constant visibility of macro and industry related metrics. Economic data allows for sound decision making in the realm of investments, geographic expansion and industry growth. Understanding the changing global economic, social & industrial landscape in developed and emerging countries is important to identify untapped growth opportunities.

Recognizing the need to continuously keep track of global data and developments amidst ongoing volatilities and changing dynamics, Frost & Sullivan introduces the Global Economic Tracker- Insight and Trends (GET-IT) deliverable. Providing clients with a quarterly snapshot of economic and industrial metrics through historical data as well as forecasts until 2020, it also includes an annually updated analysis of key mega-regions. These timely updates enable you to analyzing changing scenarios and modulate growth expectations, aiding in decision making.

The Global Economic Tracker-Insights and Trends (GET-IT) is a quarterly updated database of key economic and industry parameters to provide dynamic insights to track volatility and navigate uncertainties in the global economic environment.

Each GET-IT report presents short term as well as medium term forecasts along with historic data for economic and industry indicators across countries and regions. A short-term forecast is provided for next 8 quarters, estimates are provided for the current year and medium-term forecasts are made for next five years, for select indicators.

  1. 26 Jul 2019  |  Global

    Growth, Innovation, and Leadership Index for Healthcare Attractiveness (GIL-H Index), 2019

    A Data-driven Research-based Country Pipeline System to Gauge Country Competitiveness in Healthcare

    Despite global political uncertainties and a subdued economic outlook, 2019 proves to be promising for the global healthcare industry, supported by growing and more aware middle class, accelerated aging population across the globe seeking personalized medical insurance, and higher R&D budgets across the board. The adoption of digital technologies g...

  2. 12 Jun 2018  |  Global

    SAARC Economic Tracker, Q2 2018

    Economic Growth is Expected to Accelerate in 2018 in Most SAARC Countries

    The SAARC Economic Tracker, a quarterly deliverable, is designed to help organizations track macroeconomic indicators across SAARC countries- Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. The Q2 2018 Tracker includes short-term as well as long term forecasts across the areas of economy, commerce, demography, and ...

  3. 22 Aug 2016  |  Global

    The Next Frontier of Growth - Women as Corporate Customers

    What this Means for Business and Economies

    There have been significant, positive shifts in the approach to women’s roles in society around the world. More women are now moving to leadership positions, occupying more seats in the boardroom, scaling successful companies, and even making a successful political presence. Women can drive the world’s economy as they represent a growth market ...

  4. 19 Jun 2013  |  Global

    Global Economic Tracker – Insights and Trends (GET-IT) – Western Europe Q1, 2013

    A Quarterly Pulse of Growth Opportunities

    The Western European economy is likely to recover at a very slow pace in 2013, as economic uncertainty continues to loom. The Government of France needs to focus on reducing the fiscal deficit, increasing tax on companies, and reducing public spending in Q1 2013. Germany has succeeded in maintaining a positive trade balance and this is expected to ...

  5. 27 May 2013  |  Global

    Global Economic Tracker—Insights and Trends (GET-IT)—Emerging Latin America Quarter 1, 2013

    A Quarterly Pulse of Growth Opportunities

    The emerging countries of the Latin American region—Chile, Colombia, and Mexico—are likely to experience moderate growth during the first two quarters of 2013. Economic growth would be largely dependent on domestic demand, and increasing infrastructure investment. Growth in exports is expected to be moderate due to slow global recovery in 2013....

  6. 27 May 2013  |  Global

    Global Economic Tracker—Insights & Trends Rest of World (ROW) Quarter 1, 2013

    A Quarterly Pulse Of Growth Opportunities

    Commodity demand in Australia has been badly affected by the weakening growth in China. A reduction in government spending may help register the current account surplus by 2013. In Japan, exports are expected to be low in 2013 due to decrease in demand and the strong yen. Industrial production is likely to slow down further due to border disputes w...

  7. 27 May 2013  |  Global

    Global Economic Tracker—Insights and Trends (GET—IT)—Emerging Europe Quarter 1, 2013

    A Quarterly Pulse of Growth Opportunities

    Emerging Europe is expected to continue to experience sluggish growth in H1 2013 (H1 denotes the first half of the year) due to the spillover effect of the Eurozone crisis. Investor confidence will remain low. As per the European Union’s prescription, governments are to exercise stringent fiscal measures in order to limit budget deficits. This wi...

  8. 20 May 2013  |  Global

    Global Economic Tracker – Insights and Trends (GET-IT) – BRICS Quarter 1 2013

    A Quarterly Pulse of Growth Opportunities

    The BRICS countries showed signs of slowing down in the latter half of 2012, and could continue into 2013. Brazil’s business environment is likely to be strong in 2013. Russia’s dual pricing is putting pressure on the economy, but the reduction of import tariffs on drugs and medical devices could boost its healthcare sector. The Indian Governme...

  9. 20 May 2013  |  Global

    Global Economic Tracker – Insights and Trends (GET-IT) – North America Quarter 1 2013

    A Quarterly Pulse of Growth Opportunities

    Manufacturing competitiveness in the United States is expected to improve in 2013. Due to the shale gas and shale oil revolution and a subsequent decline in natural gas prices, the US could regain its competitive advantage in 2013. The outlook for the chemicals industry for 2013 is bullish; it is expected to serve as a major driver of economic grow...

  10. The political instability of North Africa is largely affecting investor sentiments. Also, economic challenges such as growing unemployment and a huge fiscal deficit have lowered expectations of economic growth in the region. Due to the fluctuations in international oil prices and the decline in export demand for manufactured goods, Middle Eastern c...