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Looming concern over the impact of transportation on environment is driving governments across the globe to encourage rail and intermodal transport for both passenger and freight transport. Additionally, rising off-shore outsourcing rates and growing complexity of supply chains due to globalization are increasing miles travelled by product from well to wheel. All businesses alike are forced to optimize their transportation and logistics strategy by adopting multimodal transport with rail as an important mode of transport. Rail industry stakeholders, on the other hand, are compelled to look for strategies to deal with increasing passenger miles, rising demand for freight transport, customer satisfaction and adhere to stringent environmental norms through new-age technology adoption and innovative business models.

Frost & Sullivan's Global Rail program area takes a 360-degree view of the industry factoring all the trends that impact and subsequently transform the rail industry. Key areas that the program explores are:

  • Rolling Stock (Light Rail, Metro, MainLine, High Speed Rail)
  • Infrastructure (signaling, track, station)
  • Bus & BRT solutions
  • Advanced technologies and New Business Models

We work closely with leading Rolling Stock Manufacturers, service providers and technology firms to help them assess, analyze and target opportunities. Our research services help us enable our clients to stay ahead of the curve in this industry.

  1. 24 May 2013  |  Europe

    Strategic Analysis of Growth Opportunities in the Western European Urban Rail Market for Rolling Stock Systems

    Strong Orders in Light Rail and Automated People Mover Systems is Driving Growth

    The study provides an analysis of the European urban rail market, primarily covering Light rail, Automated people mover systems and metros. The business environment of the Western European urban rail market, its dynamics, and impact on mobility and urbanization have been discussed in great detail. The study provides the unit shipment forecast by se...

  2. 08 May 2012  |  North America

    Strategic Insight on Global Rail Market

    Trends and Opportunities across Key Regions for Rail

    The study is a 360 degree analysis of the global rail market that focuses on the key trends and business opportunities available across various rail segments around the world. The study provides an insight into how urbanization is influencing rail travel and highlights trends within the rail industry that are expected to possess huge revenue potent...

  3. 14 Nov 2011  |  Europe

    Strategic Analysis of Alternative Powertrain Technologies in the European Diesel Locomotive and Railcar Market

    Regulatory changes and costs of maintaining aging fleet driving new demand.

    The research service provides an analysis of the European diesel locomotive and diesel railcar market and focuses on powertrain technologies to be used. Many technologies will see immediate application to cope with stringent emission norms stipulated by the European Union. The study segments the market by engine power and identifies the opportuniti...

  4. The research service provides an analysis of the North American locomotive market and focuses on powertrain technologies to be used to cope with stringent emission norms stipulated by EPA. The study covers all segments of the pushpull locomotive market, namely line haul freight, switchers, passenger diesel and passenger electric, and identifies th...

  5. 16 Jun 2011  |  North America

    Strategic Analysis of the Global High Speed Rail Market

    Global High Speed Rail Market

    This research service analyses the global high-speed rail market, examining drivers and restraints for growth, pricing, distribution, technology, legislation, demand and geographical trends. Market growth for regional and market segments have been estimated based on these factors. In addition, an in-depth analysis of the competitive situation inclu...

  6. Green technologies in rolling stock are focused on need to minimizing the use of fossil fuels, Need to reducing noise and other emissions and effort to Maximize fuel efficiency. There are new green practices by the railway companies and operator to preserve natural resources using latest innovation in technology to make the urban rail and freight r...

  7. The research service provides a detailed assement of the type of caternary systems used in top 6 leading European rail networks - Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdoma and Poland. It analyses the electrification wiring potential in 3 different segments namely electrification renewal, new mainline electrification and high speed line ele...

  8. Rail transportation offers a lot of advantages in terms of environmental impact and safety. The ongoing improvement of the rail traffic management is crucial to respond to dynamic growth of transportation turnover. The gradual replacement of existing signalling systems with more reliable, cost-effective and innovative technologies will lead to incr...

  9. Entering the new stage of rail development Russian railway is straightening its position in the global context and provides new cost effective transportation solutions for Asian & European logistic companies. This research study primarily focuses on the analysis of the whole Russian rail industry, key transportation companies operating on the marke...

  10. 02 Jan 2009  |  Asia Pacific

    Asia Pacific Rail Market 2008 - An Overview

    The rail industry in Asia is being viewed globally as a multi-million dollar industry with tremendous untapped potential. It is expected to be one of the high growth and high potential markets in the world. During 2006-2007, the Asia Pacific rail market accounted for US $ 38.8 billion accounting for 23.9 percent of the world rail market. The Asia...