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Satellite Communications

  1. 25 Nov 2014  |  North America

    Analysis of the US Government and Military Commercial Satellite Market

    Turbulent Government Contracts Impact Growth

    Despite drastic budget cuts in the US military, satellite demand has managed to remain strong, with consistent year-over-year growth. This is due to a number of factors that are unique to satellite. The US government and military satellite market can be segmented into two subcategories: internal government-supplied satellite solutions and commerci...

  2. 28 Aug 2014  |  North America

    Analysis of the Global Satellite Transponder Market

    Commercial Market Drives New Growth

    The satellite transponder market continues to see solid adoption due to new applications, higher available bandwidth and performance capabilities, and increased global need for communications. Moreover, the limitations of competing technologies combined with satellites strengths, global coverage, ability to perform without existing infrastructure...

  3. 13 Jun 2014  |  North America

    Global Satellite Imaging Market Insight

    Detailed Global Coverage Continues to Revolutionize the Mapping Industry

    Satellite imaging services are high resolution images obtained from orbiting satellites around the globe, and are of varying levels of detail and precision. This market insight provides an overview of the trends and opportunities for commercially owned and operated satellite imaging providers.

  4. 05 May 2014  |  North America

    Analysis of the Global Satellite Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) Market

    Ka-band Drives New High Bandwidth Growth

    The global satellite VSAT market consists of various applications that require high-speed communications in a small, compact package. VSAT is significantly outpacing some mobile satellite handset technologies and continues to see quick adoption, market penetration, and application growth. Current VSAT applications include broadband, satellite back...

  5. 17 Apr 2014  |  Global

    Global Satellite Transponder Market

    Ku- and Ka-band Demand Drives Growth

    This study covers the satellite transponder market, also known as the fixed satellite services market, operating in 3 frequency bands: C, Ku, and Ka. Transponders are measured by number of transponders, revenue, and average price. Ka-band is currently at the forefront of market growth, with Ku- and C-band offering the widest coverage/install base ...

  6. 21 Mar 2014  |  Global

    Analysis of the US Government and Military Commercial Satellite Market

    Global Tensions Drive Growth

    This research service examines the US government and military satellite market. It focuses specifically on commercial satellite service providers and their market role. The US military is the largest market vertical for satellite equipment sales and services. This market typically consists of emergency/redundant satellite communications and commun...

  7. 16 Jan 2014  |  Global

    Analysis of Global Wireless Backhaul via Satellite Market

    The Universal Need to Stay Connected Wirelessly Drives Growth

    Satellite backhaul for cellular services is a growing application for satellite technology to help expand cellular coverage over difficult or remote locations. Satellite technology is also used for cellular backhaul for emergency communications (to restore cellular communications), over-burdened events and gatherings (to off-load some cellular tra...

  8. 03 Jan 2014  |  Global

    Analysis of the Global Mobile Satellite Market

    The Growing Popularity of M2M and Other Data Capabilities Drive Mobile Satellite Growth

    The mobile satellite market typically utilizes traditional S-Band or L-Band satellite technology due to their reliability and relatively small antenna requirements. Mobile devices which utilize satellite technology fall under three categories: mobile handsets, mobile modems, and M2M. In these three categories there are adopting users and organiza...